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This Program Includes A Fully Revised And Updated Version Of Maximum
Performance: The Dow Jones-Irwin Complete Guide To Practical Business Management

"Maximum Performance contains everything you need to know about business management...and more".
Rieva Lesonsky, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur®

"Not since the days of Thomas Edison has America been so alive with the spirit of invention. But these inventions don't always come in the form of products or services; they can also be methods, such as the business management techniques proposed by Joseph Shetzen in Maximum Performance: The Dow Jones-Irwin Complete Guide to Practical Business Management". 
Frank Mixon, Entrepreneurial Woman

"This guide is structured to help small business owners and managers solve routine problems themselves... The material is well organized and clearly written and should be of interest to consultants as well as small business owners".
Dr. Stephen L. Fogg, CPA., Ph.D., Journal of Accountancy

"The prime purpose of Maximum Performance is to provide a practical self-study guide for entrepreneurs, particularly those who have little or no formal training in managing a business... The many charts, worksheets, examples, and easy-to-read explanations have been written for the adult student who needs a brief overview of theory, but must immediately apply the knowledge in the workplace".
Dr. Suzanne Z. Miller, Ph.D.
The Journal of the National University Continuing Education Association (UCEA)

"This book is encyclopedic in its scope and should be a useful addition to the reference shelf of every management consultant."
Dr. Stuart L. Meyer, Ph. D., Professor in Small Business Management
J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

"The most positive features of these twin volumes are their wide coverage and comprehensiveness. An enormous amount of material is presented and summarized between the covers of these two volumes. Much of the material represents the digest of some of the best known literature on each topic... A thorough reading of these two volumes can provide the reader an overview of business management, similar to that offered by a series of practically-oriented introductory courses."
Dr. Boris Yavitz, Ph.D., Former Dean, Columbia Business School, New York

"Joe Shetzen has authored an extremely comprehensive book which introduces the concept of business engineering for solving a variety of management problems". 
Dr. Joseph R. Mancuso, Author of numerous business books
President, Center for Entrepreneurial Management, Inc. and Chief Executive Officers Club

"For the serious student of business this book provides a wealth of information on the management principles...For the executive manager the study of Maximum Performance provides enhancement to that individual's practical experience". 
Gene R. Fairbrother, President, MBA Consulting, Inc.
Lead Consultant, National Association for Self-Employed (NASE)

Maximum Performance has been selected among the best business books in the Books For Business Catalog for 1991 published by the Booksellers and Publishers Association of Great Britain & Ireland.


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