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The Lean Business 2100 Management Program Is Dedicated To Very Special People.

To Alichen (Rachel) and Benno (Benjamin) Shetzen, the best parents in the world and my best friends, who always believed in me and fully supported me with this project from the beginning.

To my beloved son Alexander Shetzen, who was an adorable child and now he is on his way of becoming a decent and responsible young man with love and respect in his heart.

To my grandparents, including my grandfathers Joseph Shetzen (after whom I was named) and Leopold Gawartin, who were successful entrepreneurs and business owners in Riga, Latvia before WWII. Unfortunately they lost everything, including their lives, during the Holocaust.

Sincere Gratitude To Special People Who Contributed
To The Development Of The Lean Business 2100 Management Program.

To Dr. Bruce A. Samuelson, Dr. Richard E. Gunther, Dr. Charles W. Fojtik and Dr. Naomi Berger Davidson for providing valuable professional contribution and editing various parts of this program during the last twenty five years.

To Vivek Jain and his professional team at Matrixnmedia, who worked so diligently for about ten years in completing complex programming tasks and developing the entire program online.

To Bernard May, Shirley J. Sunn, and Guri Agasi, who contributed in different ways in making this program a reality!

To all our associates, clients, and students who made us realize that there is no substitute for knowledge and experience in successful entrepreneurship!


You Are As Good As Your Team!