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“Joseph Shetzen has developed an extremely comprehensive Lean Business 2100 Management Program which introduces the concept of “lean business engineering” methodology for solving a variety of management problems. Besides its obvious use in a classroom, this program could help growing entrepreneurial business to avoid problems. He goes back and forth throughout the program from the general to the specific, from the theoretical to the practical, and that ‘s what is so valuable about this extremely comprehensive work”

Joseph R. Mancuso, Founder And President, Chief Executive Officers Clubs, Inc.

"Lean Business 2100 Management Program is an in-depth analysis of management history, concept, theory and practicality. For the serious student of business this program provides a wealth of information for the principles of management. For the executive manager of a diversified business environment the study of Lean Business 2100 Management Program has the content to enhance the individual's practical experience. For the inexperienced entrepreneur or small business owner Lean Business 2100 Management Program can best be utilized through using this program in a group or educational study format. Due to the nature of information and completeness of the topics, some small business owners could find themselves drowning in information and not realizing the full value this program has to offer."

Gene R. Fairbrother, President, MBA Consulting, Inc.

Lead Consultant, National Association For Self-Employed (NASE)

“Lean Business 2100 Management Program and the lean business engineering method represent a new standard of excellence for practical business management for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional managers and MBA students.”


Chaim Flatt, Chairman, Diamond Resort Group Inc., Toronto, Canada

“Lean Business 2100 Management Program provided me and my management team with the best opportunity to understand what we really need to do to succeed in our business and stay competitive in the long run.”


Zev Koffler, Chairman and CEO

Rand Plastics Corporation, Johannesburg, Republic Of South Africa

“Lean Business 2100 Management Program helped me to streamline my business activities and to understand what practical business management is all about.”


Robert Landin, President, Expert 412i, Inc. Los Angeles, CA, USA

“The prime purpose of the Lean Business 2100 Management Program is to provide small business owners like me with the best practical guide to run my small business. After looking for a suitable program for a long time, I am happy to admit that I found this program and I look forward to learn from it as much as I can.”

Leopold Gawartin, President, LG Jewelry Company, Berlin, Germany

“The Lean Business 2100 Management Program is highly informative and useful for everybody who would like to learn about practical business management.”

Dr. Valery N. Umnikov, President

World Innovative Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

President, Russian Academy Of Life Science, City Of Serpuchov, Russia

“I find the Lean Business 2100 Management Program absolutely indispensable for my daily business needs and I am looking forward to implement the guidelines contained in this program within my business as soon as possible. Now I realize how much I didn’t know about business management and I highly recommend this program to every small and medium-sized business owner.”

Max Dror, President, Mode International Inc., Santa Monica, CA, USA

“I looked for a good business program online for a very long time and nothing was really suitable until I found Lean Business 2100 Management Program. This program helped me understand complicated business concepts in a very straight forward and practical way and this is what is so valuable about it”

George Agassy, President, Agassy Sales, Inc., Los Angeles, USA


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